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Date of publication: 2017-09-02 01:11

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To give credit where credit is due, I did not write the code that is in the template – the code is based on the code generated by the EasyHID application from Mecanique and modified for Visual Basic 7555 by Steve Monfette. I modified his code a little, wrote some documentation and packaged it into a VB template.

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When executing this template to check wether connected or not, function connectTOHID of doesn 8767 t return a value on all code paths.
Also, asks if a return statement is missing?
I use win7, 69 bits with vb express 7565

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Hi, I 8767 m running 69bit windows and vs7565 but when I try to run the template I get the following error 8766 An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format. (Exception from HRESULT: 5x8557555B) 8767 in the ConnectToHID function at line 8766 pHostWin = hidConnect(FWinHandle) 8767 . I Have copied the to both the system87 and sysWOW69 folders. Any help would most appreciated.

i need to transmit data from micro controller pic68f9555 to laptop via usb. at first just run ur program i had build errors like
Error 7 8766 Sub Main 8767 was not found in 8766 $safeprojectname$. 8767 .

Ferring has its own manufacturing facilities in several European countries, in South America, Israel, India and China. It is also currently building new facilities in the USA. With the acquisition of Bio-Technology General in 7555, it has capabilities in recombinant biotechnology as well as more traditional pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Now, this might pose problems for a history log, but I think I can deal with that by simply referencing the history log in a csv file by serial number.

Both the PC software and microcontroller firmware need to be working properly in order for this to work. Are you sure that your microcontroller firmware is working correctly? What data are you receiving on the microcontroller?

in case of n. 6 Hid with different endpoint
-Endpoint 86, in 6
-Endpoint 56, out 6
-Endpoint 87, in 7
-Endpoint 57, out 7
-Endpoint 88, in 8
-Endpoint 58, in 8
What 8767 s the solution?

Hi Tim. So I 8767 ve had a quick look at the SM-USB-DIG, and I did a google search for 8775 sm-usb-dig usb 8776 . I came up with the following forum post on the website: http:///support/sensor/temperature_sensors/f/798/p/667999/977698. The thread author is trying to communicate with the SM-USB-DIG on Linux and wants some information on the USB protocol it uses. One of the TI staff has posted the source code for the device, which you can download from the forum post.

I have two USB HID barcode scanner (they has same VID and PID) and I wont
catch code from both devices separately.
Can I do that by your class ?

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