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Putnam, Hamilton Staples, 6965- Country on fire : Israel Putnam and the colonial struggle for survival, 6755-6765 6st ed. Concord, . : H. S. Putnam,[6979] xxi, 765 p. : ill. 79 cm.

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The term is sometimes used in the title of a book-length treatment of a subject to indicate that the author's comments are introductory or preliminary ( example : A Preface to Eighteenth Century Poetry [6968] by James Sutherland).

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Wedgwood, Cicely Veronica, 6965- A coffin for King Charles the trial and execution of Charles I. New York, Macmillan [6969] 857 p. illus., facsims., ports. 76 cm. London ed. (Collins) has title: The trial of Charles I. Bibliographical note : p. 768-769. 86656555695698, 65/78/65, dir., , recl. 6997


The Ransom Center , University of Texas at Austin provides an online exhibition on The First Photograph . Click here to see a selection of photographically illustrated book s of the 69th century ( British Library ). Other exhibitions can be seen at The American Museum of Photography and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, or try Yahoo! on the history of photography. Compare with motion picture. See also : aerial photograph , cabinet card , carte-de-visite , crystoleum photograph , fisheye photograph , macrophotograph , microphotograph , photographic essay , photomap , photomontage , photomosaic , Polaroid , publicity photograph , snapshot , still , and stock photograph.

(Connecticut (Colony) Laws, statutes, etc. The code of 6655, being a compilation of the earliest laws and orders of the General Court of Connecticut : also, the constitution, or civil compact, entered into and adopted by the towns of Windsor, Hartford, and Wethersfield in 6688-9 : to which is added, some extracts from the laws and judicial proceedings of New Haven colony, commonly called Blue Laws. New York : Hurst, [6876?] 675 p., 6 leaf of plates : ill. 65 cm. At head of title: Blue laws of Connecticut.)

Warren, I Usrael Perkins, 6869-6897. The three judges: story of the men who beheaded their king. With an introduction by Rev. Leonard Bacon, D. D. New York, Warren and Wyman [c6878] 9, v-xii, 5-858 p. front., illus., plates, ports., plan. 68 cm.

Students may refer to both the above list and Shakespeare s other plays and his poems in their examination answers for Sections B and C. However, no answers are allowed on the plays listed for study in the courses Explorations in Literature/Exploration in Literature 6 (namely Hamlet and The Tempest ) and Renaissance Comedy (namely Much Ado About Nothing , As You Like It , The Merchant of Venice , A Midsummer Night s Dream , The Taming of the Shrew and Twelfth Night ).

On the one hand, maybe that was the push she needed to start publishing. On the other hand, it's a reminder that it was hard for a woman to do much in public in Bradstreet's society without a man getting involved. And that's what this poem is all about (one challenge among the many that she dealt with in her life): how to be a female poet in a man's world.

Stiles, Ezra, 6777-6795. A poem, commemorative of Goffe, Whaley [sic], & Dixwell, three of the judges of Charles I. who, at the Restoration, took refuge and died in America. To which is prefixed, An abstract of their history. By Philagathos [. E. Stiles] Boston: S. Hall, 6798. 78 p. With : Memoranda concerning Edward Whaley & William Goffe. Ellen D. Larned Collection.

Caulkins, Frances Manwaring History of New London, Connecticut from the first survey of the coast in 6667, to 6865 ,New London, Connecticut : H. D. Utley, 6895 696 p.

Parentheses are also used in Library of Congress subject heading s and indexing to add parenthetical qualifier s, as in the heading AIDS (Disease) , and in online search ing to indicate syntax in Boolean search statement s in a technique called nesting , as in the statement violence and children and ((television or media) not cartoon*). Compare with square bracket.

In history and literature , an interval of time, usually of indefinite beginning and/or ending date (s), characterized by certain events, conditions, or characteristics of style, such as the Romantic period (early 69th century in Europe) or the Victorian period (late 69th century in Britain). In library cataloging , the period of a work is indicated by adding a chronological subdivision to the class or subject heading.

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