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Wonder if either Gilbert Sorrentino or Witold Gombrowicz would fit your category. Sorrentino 8767 s novels and Gombrowicz 8767 s diaries are treasures that have had trouble staying in print.

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Later Aria is going through photos on her camera, when she finds one of Andrew. She tells Ezra that she wants to know who Andrew really is, as all she knows is what he told her. Ezra calls Andrew's doctor and pretents to be working for the Rosewood PD to get some information. He asks about Andrew's date and place of birth but doesn't get an answer. After Aria asks what they said, he reveales that Andrew was adopded.

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Our Chief Texas Correspondent found himself in Colorado when Harvey came ashore five thousand feet above sea level. Noting the rise, he then proceeded to eleven thousand feet, “just to be on the safe side.” He may return to view the damage to his Montgomery County estate when the airports re-open. Meanwhile, give the water some time to drain. Please say a prayer for dear Ed and some millions of others displaced and dispossessed. I have an aunt and cousins in the flood zone, too, and notice news reports on the circulation of alligators.

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He was leading her along the street. Their children are all dead — somehow I knew this. The depth of experience in those eyes it is a perfect love. They live out here in the open, in the rain, in the slime, in the gutters, with the rats. They eat what they can find.

Only recently did I begin to appreciate Ashbery’s long, almost Egyptian meditations on death. They weave through all his poems, but unlike Death himself, Ashbery is never confrontational. He wasn’t political, either, and in his prime, would get in trouble with the Official Guardians of American Literature by, for instance, not mentioning Vietnam. He praised other poets for not doing so, either yet still won all the prizes because he was so large, and articulate.

In the traditional opthalmic jargon the Greek word survived with its ancient etymology. It is a defect of vision, triggered by the sight of unpleasant things. The sufferer cannot see what he doesn’t want to see he gets a pain in his head when he looks. Alas, we have ceased to appreciate that psychological causes spawn physical effects that a mere eye-roll may induce the dysopic to dissolve. Pills will not cure what requires a goodly will.

In the Hastings’ living room, Ezra, Aria and the other couples listens as Toby says that the letter Hanna found proves that Alison knew Bethany, and that it may create enough reasonable doubt to clear Spencer’s name. As the clock strikes midnight, Ezra leans downs to kiss Aria, before kneeling on the floor and wrapping her in a hug.

It seems to me that at a deep level, “democracy” can be criticized for its intention: to replace the sometimes inscrutable judgement of God with the too-scrutable judgement of humans. Or to put this more plainly: it is seditious and tyrannical, both, from the start. Its effect can be seen from this cause: for we are all atheists today, insofar as we are enfranchised all fully “secularized” in the public square.

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