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US Justice Department arrests over 400 in health care

Date of publication: 2017-09-04 08:49

“You’ve got to learn everything. I started with physics and mathematics and I got into economics, history, law and politics. I like everything and that’s what you need. You might need models from biology.” Li Lu

Idiots Hold Idiot Summit

The ways we fight - and the reasons why we fight - have changed. The Predator drone, last seen screaming across the screen in Syriana, has replaced the Winchester rifle in popular imagination and Saddam Hussein is rightly considered a war criminal for violating the Chemical Weapons Convention, a treaty signed less than fifteen years ago. But the law of war the administration invokes to try Salim Hamdan is an outdated relic (although ironically, today’s military commissions do not even offer t…

Gavin Andresen

**This is the third in a series of responses to Benjamin Ewing and Douglas A. Kysar's recent article, Prods and Pleas: Limited Government in an Era of Unlimited Harm , which appeared in the November issue of YLJ. For Professor Richard Epstein's response, see  here. For Professor Jonathan Zasloff's response, see  here.**

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Investment consultants and investors have a tendency to place excessive emphasis on past results. More often than not, short term out performance is followed by a period of subpar performance.

Values will also differ from business to business. When setting their Code of Conduct, many use words like Integrity, Customer, Quality, Profitability, etc to define what it is important to that company. Basically, the list of potentials is endless. And they're also just words, unless definitions and measures are put in place beside them to ensure they are 'lived' within the business. In the end, words don't define a Culture , people and their behaviours do.

"So much of what happens in the market, in the short run, is just random, but this is seldom acknowledged. There has to be a reason the market went up or down yesterday, so the Wall Street Journal and the other papers call up analysts and money managers and ask them why. What you usually read in the paper is simply a logical fallacy" Ralph Wanger

"When I left school I was for my age neither high nor low in it and I believe that I was considered by all my masters and by my Father as a very ordinary boy, rather below the common standard of intellect "

The number of Americans who must obtain government permissionto work in their chosen vocation has been steadily rising. A recent White Housereport observed that “[o]ccupational licensing has grown rapidly over the past few decades” and has come to include manyharmless vocations such as interior design, hair braiding, and even floristry. Today, aboutone quarter of American workers must obtain a government-issued license to dotheir job, up from less than five percent in the 6955s.

How come you think people of old ages are dumb that they cannot realize anything beyond modern man can do (Because they do not had computers, or telescopes?)

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