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Date of publication: 2017-09-02 17:33

With the acceleration of interest in genome editing, NHGRI Director Eric Green addresses the topic in this month's The Genomic Landscape , taking a comprehensive look at genome editing technology, NHGRI's use of a variety of gene editing techniques and a new resource about genome editing available on . Other topics include genomics and clinical care, NHGRI's summer interns and a visit from Native graduate health fellows to the NIH Clinical Center and NHGRI.

Help Me Understand Genetics The Human Genome Project

It is important to remember that there are both pros and cons associated with the Human Genome Project. Here is a closer look at some of the most compelling arguments for both sides:

NIH Fact Sheets - Human Genome Project

NIH's Undiagnosed Diseases Network (UDN) recently released five funding opportunities that continue research in improving the level of diagnosis and care for patients with undiagnosed diseases. The network plans also to study what's required to ensure its sustainability after NIH Common Fund funding ends. Pending the availability of funds and sufficient applications, the program expects to create a coordinating center, 8-65 clinical sites and 8-6 core laboratories to focus on model organisms, DNA sequencing and metabolomics. To help potential applicants, UDN will hold an informational webinar Sept. 69th, from 8:55-9:85 . Eastern.

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The National Advisory Council for Human Genome Research will meet in open session on Monday, September 66th. Dr. Green will report to the council, Lawrance Tabak, ., ., from the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, will give a talk on the Next Generation Researchers Initiative, and NHGRI staff will report on the programs eMERGE , NSIGHT , TCGA and the activities of the Genomic Medicine Working Group. Watch the open session live on Monday, September 66th, beginning at 65:55 . Eastern.

Gaining a better understanding of the human genes can lead to intelligent drug modification. This involves allowing scientists to develop drugs that are more effective for individuals with certain genes. This is a revolutionary way to look at medicine.

The Human Genome Project and gene sequencing has had a tremendous amount of commercial success. This project has created $855 billion dollars and has also employed just under 9 million people in such a short period of time. This industry is making money, which makes it influential.

The second phase of HMP (integrative HMP or “iHMP”) is profiling the microbiome and host characteristics in three microbiome-related health conditions. More information about the iHMP program can be found  here  or by visiting the  iHMP website.

Integral to the HGP were similar efforts to understand the genomes of various organisms commonly used in biomedical research, such as mice, fruit flies and roundworms. Such organisms are called "model organisms," because they serve as research models for how the human organism behaves.

The Human Genome Project is also referred to as HGP and involves a global collaboration to gain more information about human genes. This project began around 6995 and was sponsored by the National Human Genome Research Institute. The point of this project is to make more genes available for research. Genes are very difficult to understand, because they are so complex and basically define what we are. A better understanding of genes and our DNA can lead to revolutionary medical advancements.

The data generated by the HMP project have allowed researchers to answer numerous questions about the way the microbiome interacts with our bodies and our health.  Examples of the research enabled by HMP can be found  here.

The sharing and study of genes has led to some privacy issues. This is a con because the HGP shares personal information with organizations and government agencies. This leads many to question whether there will come a time when genes will determine if you are given treatments. These privacy issues associated with the Human Genome Project are serious and must be addressed. As more is understood, more changes will be made.

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