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Walt Whitman Essay

Walt Whitman: Poems essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of the poetry of Walt Whitman.

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5.   In " Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking ," Whitman begins with a mockingbird, "Out of the mocking-bird's throat, the musical shuttle," and continues to come back to the mockingbird, a native American bird, throughout the poem. What images and associations does the idea of a mockingbird conjure for you? Does Whitman imitate other sounds in this poem? What role does the mockingbird play in the poem?

One cannot say if Whitman was more concerned with life or with death since he holds each state in equality. It is possible to say that Whitman understood being as a cyclical process from which one was created from the natural world, lived in body and spirit, which then returned to its natural state. Death, then, was simply a phase of being and, in Whitman s words, was often luckier than a state of physical and spiritual duality.

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According to Whitman, the purpose of life is simply to be alive and to experience living. He explicitly states this belief in the poem O Me! O Life!. His poetry often describes the simple joys of life. In Crossing Brooklyn Ferry he describes watching a beautiful sunset during his daily commute. Whitman encourages his readers to live in the present, experience the world, and enjoy existence. He likes to draw his reader s attention to the minute natural details that many tend to ignore - like the water beneath the ferry on a frequent commute or the grass surrounding our feet. Whitman wanted his poetry to forge connections across time and space - between strangers and generations.

8. How does Whitman handle modernity and technological change? What kinds of landscapes do we see in his poetry? What role does the city play? What role does nature play?

Walt Whitman was a very visual poet he chose each word carefully in order to paint a picture in the reader s mind. His poetry focuses very heavily on nature and the physical world. Whitman believed that the physical world was a source of connection between humans, and he harnesses that power in his poems, like Crossing Brooklyn Ferry and A child said, what is grass? Whitman s use of imagery in his poetry reveals his own connection to his environment, and shows how receptive he was to sensory information. He inspires all the senses in his work because he wanted it to be experiential and impactful - beyond words on a page.

Whitman began seriously writing poetry only a generation after the Revolutionary War created the United States. In the democratic process, Whitman saw unparalleled, if unrealized, genius. He was one of the first artists to be able to step back and observe the flowering of the democratic state, the way in which it created social and economic growth, and the way in which it created a new kind of citizen. Whitman understood this spirit better than outside observers such as de Tocqueville because he admittedly was a part of it.

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