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Date of publication: 2017-08-25 19:44

I try to read as many articles as I can about feminist topics. While I find it difficult to put myself in the shoes of a woman, I feel I get intellectually, if not emotionally, a little closer each time I complete one and think on it.

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You WIN! You win the Mansplainer of the YEAR award!
Or were you submitting a parody in order to support Solnit 8767 s experiences.
If so, thank you very much.

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Why not just absorb the story as one of many common experiences shared by many professional women, instead of getting immediately defensive? I 8767 m a man and it was pretty easy to do. But maybe it 8767 s because my sisters are professionals who have also dealt with the same crap.

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Claiming that men & women experience sex-stereotyping equally in the context provided in this article, as some here have elected to, explicitly contradicts what current research indicates. It is not sexist for Solnit to identify & expound upon institutional sexism.

Dick Van Dyke show with a very Mary Tyler Moore (May she rest in piece) She gave an interview on how she researched all the great 8766 cryers 8767 Her character, Laura?, would always cry and look stupid to get her way. Late 65 8767 s.

I 8767 m not saying that men as you have described do not exist, but I think that your quick jump to conclusions has led others to jump on your boat and accuse other men of this behaviour, whether or not its actually true. If you actually stand for equal rights, then attack the behavior. Don 8767 t provide weak examples of men who may be exhibiting this behavior, and then attack men. You 8767 re just encouraging others to attack men for the same weak examples. You might burn a few witches, but you 8767 ll burn many innocents in the process.

top Instead of the full heading, pages that follow the opening page should use a header in the upper right corner: your last name and the page number.

George Burns & Gracy Allen 6995 8767 s The 8766 dumb 8767 woman assumption Abbot & Costello would be the 8766 gay 8767 version. This style of straight man/ foil isn 8767 t so much the fashion any more.

Where is the evidence that Colleen Rowley 8767 s gender was an issue the FBI 8767 s failure to take seriously the warnings of her field office? Solnit cites none. Where is the gender connection to the Bush administration 8767 s arrogance in the Iraq war? Again, Solnit cites none, conceding that 8775 male experts couldn 8767 t penetrate the fortress of their smugness 8776 . So maybe no gender there, actually. (And wasn 8767 t Karen Hughes one of Bush 8767 s top advisers at the time? What about the in-theory doubly silenced Condoleezza Rice?)

Please note, I was not & am not angry. I was mildly annoyed because of the extra time it all took, but hid it well, as I had quickly learned that even new-to-acting actors must be coddled or their mood will mess up your expensive shooting schedule.

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