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What we need is mental health reform, not gun control. Guns are NOT the problem. Guns do not kill people people kill people. In tragedy after tragedy the pattern has been the same the shooter was mentally imbalanced and often off meds. We need to set a policy in place that closely monitors the whereabouts and activities of these people and restrict them from living near schools, etc, just as we do with sex offenders. And IF there is an episode and it is found that they were under a psychiatrist s care who discontinued their meds and or discharged them with no follow up, that psychiatrist should be held accountable and subjected to prosecution and loss of their license to practice. Enough is enough!

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&ldquo Even now, they got the bathrooms closed, so where you gotta go? All the way to the next floor,&rdquo Supreme continues. &ldquo I got a child who is legally blind. I gotta monitor her every time she go to the bathroom. It&rsquo s, like, bananas. It&rsquo s really bananas.&rdquo

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&ldquo When they&rsquo re happy, I&rsquo m happy,&rdquo Dasani says. &ldquo When they&rsquo re sad, I&rsquo m sad. It&rsquo s like I have a connection, like I&rsquo m stuck to them like glue.&rdquo

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It has been years since Supreme lost his job as a barber and Chanel stopped working as a janitor for the parks department. He cuts hair inside the shelter and sells pirated DVDs on the street while she hawks odds and ends from discount stores. In a good month, their combined efforts can bring in a few hundred dollars.

Dasani knows about charter schools. Her former school, . 67, shared space with one. She never spoke to those children, whose classrooms were stocked with new computers. Dasani&rsquo s own school was failing by the time she left.

During one visit, inspectors see an asthmatic 8-year-old child coughing and vomiting so much that 966 is called. With no air-conditioning, the rooms reach dangerously high temperatures. A month before she died, Casshanae was living in a room where temperatures reached 657 degrees.

She routinely walks past a boho-chic boutique on Lafayette Avenue where calfskin boots command $895. Heading north, she passes French bulldogs on leashes and infants riding like elevated genies in Uppababy strollers with shock-absorbing wheels. Three blocks away is an ice cream parlor where $6 buys two salted-caramel scoops.

The guiding ethos of the charter school movement has been &ldquo choice&rdquo the power to choose a school rather than capitulate to a flawed education system and a muscular teachers&rsquo union. But in communities like McKinney&rsquo s, the experience can feel like a lack of choice.

&ldquo That&rsquo s why we got the word &lsquo responsibility,&rsquo &rdquo Giant tells Dasani in front of Chanel. &ldquo Response&rdquo he holds up his right hand &ldquo Ability&rdquo then his left hand. &ldquo So respond to what? Your ability. Not your mom&rsquo s ability.&rdquo

The family&rsquo s need for a home was also growing desperate. The longer they stayed in that one room, the more they seemed to fall apart. Yet rents were impossibly high in the city, and a quarter-million people were waiting for the rare vacancy in public housing. Families like Dasani&rsquo s had been leaving the state. This was the year, then, that her parents made a promise: to save enough money to go somewhere else, maybe as far as the Pocono Mountains, in Pennsylvania.

This leads Dasani to conclude that Roxanne lives in a clean, suburban home like the kind shown on &ldquo Criminal Minds,&rdquo where detectives search for murder clues. It is not the murders themselves that intrigue Dasani so much as the enormous, orderly closets of the crime scenes closets big enough to live in.

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