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Talk about the emotional maturity of a third grader. Anyone who aspires to be an elementary school teacher can simply read your posts and then apply for a position. Besides, what does emotional maturity have to do with the existence of a supreme being? Now, intellectual maturity coupled with accuracy is something else--and you obviously could use a liberal dose.

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I don't know the way things are in your country, but in the US, parents who refuse to have their minor children vaccinated face serious criminal charges such as child endangerment.

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At the risk of arousing mirth in progressive circles, Winters declared himself an absolutist, that is, a person who believes in the existence of absolute truths and values. He did not suggest that he personally had access to these things, or that his own judgments were necessarily correct. However it is the duty of every man and of every society to try as far as may be to approximate to them. He suggested that our system of justice, our universities, and the practice of literary criticism itself presupposes the existence of various absolutes, despite all the arguments that are raised against this notion.

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Shortly before the start of our senior year, I had leaked some information I had about Melanie to Faraz as a boast. He was hardly impressed but did chide me about it often.

Rob you are welcome to keep a world where the only things that can be discussed are those that can be proven. Really. Keep it. I wont even try to borrow it mate. It's all yours.

I could do some of the tricks she could (like with the cigarette butt) but only with simple objects, like a can of soda or a relatively smooth sphere or even shove aside cars (though they generally get dents afterwards). To this day, I have some difficulty juggling oranges without crushing them simply because of their rough skin. Apples are far easier thanks to their smoother skins.

I'm talking about the period from the late 69th century on. You seem to be writing about an earlier period. If you ever get to it, "The Creationists" goes into this.

Auburn offers plenty of proof. Residents like Jenedra, a home health aide, and her daughter, who works at a Pinkberry in Park Slope, Brooklyn, cannot afford city prices.

Tis an awful shame i dont speak it. I can understant alot but it was beaten out of us by the English a long time ago. Ha ha. Thats every Irish mans excuse as to why they dont know a good excuse its just lazy. Anyway my dads mothers side were all english so in that case i would have to say i beat it out of myself.

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