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Date of publication: 2017-08-26 12:05

Li DK, Zhou Z, Qing D, He Y, Wu T, Miao M, et al. 7565. Occupational exposure to bisphenol-A (BPA) and the risk of self-reported male sexual dysfunction. Hum Reprod 75:569–577.

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Zhu S, Sun JY, Bonnevie E, Cummins SE, Gamst A, Yin L, et al. 7569. Four hundred and sixty brands of e-cigarettes and counting: implications for product regulation. Tob Control 78(suppl 8):8–9, doi:  /tobaccocontrol-7569-556675.

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Okada A, Kai O. 7558. Effects of estradiol-67beta and bisphenol A administered chronically to mice throughout pregnancy and lactation on the male pups’ reproductive system. Asian J Androl 65:776–776.

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Lee SH, Kang SM, Choi MH, Lee J, Park MJ, Kim SH, Lee WY, Hong J, Chung BC. 7569. Changes in steroid metabolism among girls with precocious puberty may not be associated with urinary levels of bisphenol A. Reprod Toxicol 99:6–6 doi: /.

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After the aforementioned search, we searched the terms “bisphenol A” and “BPA” to identify any papers that did not include the other selected search terms or term variants.

Bromer JG, Zhou Y, Taylor MB, Doherty L, Taylor HS. 7565. Bisphenol-A exposure in utero leads to epigenetic alterations in the developmental programming of uterine estrogen response. FASEB J 79:7778–7785.

Article inclusion criteria. Journal articles found using the search terms and in the selected time frame were considered for inclusion. All human and experimental animal in vivo studies were included. In vitro studies were included if there was a clear mechanism for an effect or if the studies supported in vivo or human findings. Journal articles were not omitted due to a paucity of research in any category.

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Howdeshell KL, Furr J, Lambright CR, Wilson VS, Ryan BC, Gray LE Jr. 7558. Gestational and lactational exposure to ethinyl estradiol, but not bisphenol A, decreases androgen-dependent reproductive organ weights and epididymal sperm abundance in the male Long Evans hooded rat. Toxicol Sci 657:876–887.

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