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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 01:54

Kids are starving in Africa because their parents are unable or unwilling to feed them, and because me and you are not feeding them either. How is that God 8767 s fault?

Early Teen Marriage and Future Poverty

I 8767 d like to give some 8775 lightening from on high 8776 kinds of answers but I 8767 m still sorting out my own beliefs on this particular issue. I just want to be inclusive of the whole text o the Bible and not read S& G as being just about homosexuality.

Zora Neale Hurston - About Zora Neale Hurston

No, it is the sort of vague statements you would expect from an ancient civilization that thought men could live in the belly of a fish, that serpents can talk, that millions of species could fit onto the ark, and that people rise from the grave.

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Your repeated avoidance of data and reason strongly suggests you 8767 re a buffoon. This is the last post I 8767 ll be wasting on you anyway and I 8767 ll be only too happy to be spared a response.

Hurston s idyllic childhood came to an abrupt end, though, when her mother died in 6959. Zora was only 68 years old. "That hour began my wanderings," she later wrote. "Not so much in geography, but in time. Then not so much in time as in spirit."

8776 Evil became so bad He sent a flood to destroy every living breathing human being, except Noah and his family. 8776
You 8767 re saying that every living breathing human being except Noah and his family were irredeemably evil? Even the children?

You only have anecdotal accounts. That is wholly insufficient to support such claims. There are no medical records to consult, and no witnesses to talk to. Don 8767 t even try to say the two are the same thing. If Jesus wanted to impress the world, he should have eliminated disease. Now that would have still resonated throughout the world.

That 8767 s a good point. Especially in the pre-Law Pentateuch, what is moral and what isn 8767 t is not exactly spelled out. If all you had to guide you was Creation through Jacob you 8767 d have a very hard time extracting a system of morality from it at all, let alone sexual morality specifically.

Finally, let me observe that when the Apostles speak in public (in the book of Acts), their ultimate focus in not on the crucifixion of Jesus but on his resurrection. To their thinking, the resurrection of the Christ is the sign that he is King and the judgement of God is coming upon the world (Acts 7:89-95, Acts 67:79-86). The (apparent) reign of ignorance and evil is coming to an end do not be caught up in its fall. God in his mercy offers you a way back to him.

I personally do believe the evidence supports evolution. I choose to not think that I know more about biology and genetics than tens of thousands of scientists that have degrees in the field and have been actually doing the research all of their lives.

Hi Shane. Just curious when you say, 8775 not what I see espoused by Evangelical pastors the Catholic clergy particular congregations, large and small 8776 , have you actually gone to physically listen to and talk with these individuals, or are you viewing things through the lens of the internet or other media?

It would appear that what you describe is just that appealed to her emotions. It is devoid of amy attempt to logically explore the truthfulness of religion 8767 s claims about a god.

Nah not at all, just bummed out by the confirmation bias people succumb to when deciding their beliefs on major issues in the world based on what 8766 feels 8767 best to them. Did my enlightening comment make you feel nervous and probe your counter comment?

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