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8775 As this article points out, white men are not oppressed in the same way as women and racial minorities because white men can see flattering reflections of themselves everywhere. 8776

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This sounds like the kind of generalization one would likely see in a anti-feminist article. I don 8767 t really see what it is supposed to accomplish besides belittling the emotions and concern of a group of society.

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Rather than eliminate 8775 girly 8776 elements from books, TV, and movies, I think it would be preferable to include them when desirable and inundate the public with them until they are no longer perceived to be 8775 superficial 8776 or 8775 empty. 8776 Expensive cars serve no more utility in a film than a beautiful dress however, because one is enjoyed more often by men, it has become socially acceptable to enjoy such eye candy.

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And the slur 8767 s power to 8775 hurt 8776 men lies in direct proportion to how invested they are (or aren 8767 t) in upholding that belief the belief that women are inherently 8775 less than 8776 .

8775 As for Dr Hunt: you may characterize what he said as offhand, but then, you weren 8767 t one of the people he was talking about, now were you? 8776

An anecdote that adds humor to the topic at hand. For example, two friends are arguing about driving directions. The driver tells the passenger to turn off the GPS, insisting that he knows the way. The passenger replies, “oh, like the time we turned it off and ended up out in the middle of that cow farm?!”  We then see a flashback of their car surrounded by loudly mooing cows.

No, it 8767 s not as bad. Not all places of communication are the conquered domain of white males. Sometimes our (I am a straight white male) opinion, whether positive or negative, is not required in their space. Get out of their space.

He 8767 s either suggesting the above, and/or conflating consensual male-on-male sex, with male-on-male Many men who are homophobic make this conflation unconsciously.

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