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Date of publication: 2017-08-24 14:16

Cardmakers, this is just for you! Every month you’ll make 65 unique cards. Think clever techniques, colorful designs and fun embellishments. They’ll say you’re so talented!

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Fans! Received a note from Christine W.: " you sooo much for this web page! You saved my life to day, my 9 yr. old was mad at me because I couldn't make paper airplanes like daddy. Now I can make BETTER paper airplanes. } Thanks for helping with the little things in life. Christine"

Papersizes - Paper Weights

Given the small keyspace and the lack of real cryptography on the keycards, there are a couple of simple attacks that can be performed. As mentioned later, there is still much more work that can and should be done to analyze the cryptography further.

SAM - System for Award Management

Research into the flaws of the algorithm is ongoing, but given the small keyspace (only 87 bits) and the known plaintext present, it's possible to simply brute force it.

Fold in half lengthways (along the original fold from step 6) towards the back so that the folded-down point is on the outside of the fold.

To send data from the master to the lock, there's no need for a preamble rather you begin sending the groups in order. However, because the lock cannot generate its own sync pulses, it must signify to the master that it wishes to send. It does this by pulling the line low for 675 microseconds when the line is otherwise idle. Once the lock does that, the master should start generating sync pulses and watching for the lock's data pulses.

Given the obviousness of these vulnerabilities (outside of the obscure protocols used), their impact, and the difficulty of mitigating them, the decision to make this information public has not been an easy one. While it's unlikely we'll ever know for sure, we must suspect that concerns were raised inside of Onity about these issues, given the ten-plus years that these locks have been in development and on the market.

Fold down the top right corner so that the top edge of the right half of the page is aligned with the center fold. This step is very similar to step three.

What people mean when they talk about the weight of a sheet of paper or card is effectively the thickness of that piece of paper. There are two conventions currently in widespread use for paper weights.

During the course of investigation, it's quite possible that the criminal investigators may look at the audit report for the lock, to see who entered the door at what time. Upon doing so, they will see a specific member of the staff (as the key cards are uniquely identified in the ident field) using a master key card to gain access to the room near the time of death.

It is thought to be possible to write memory on the lock, much as it's possible to read it, and that the portable programmer in fact does this. Through analysis of the communication that the portable programmer performs, it should be possible to determine the format of the write command.

Fold the paper in half lengthways. Crease this fold well, then reverse it (open up the folded page and fold it along the same line in the opposite direction in other words, turn it inside out) and crease again.

Each high-level command seems to have its own "checksum" values, really just values XORed with themselves and a constant that's specific to the command. It is unknown where these constants come from or if they are simply random hard-coded values intended to make the protocol more complex.

The algorithm as implemented currently is perhaps not optimal for analysis. Documentation on the algorithm, beyond a simple implementation, would be helpful to expose it to cryptographers.

The Baseball Card Display is a perfect gift for any diehard baseball fan. This card display unit features an attractive black wall display with 75 molded openings perfect for accommodating regular size baseball cards. Just arrange the 66 bonus cards included in the set and proudly mount it on your wall or gift it to a friend who is crazy about the sport. It comes with slide rails flex for easy card removal.

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