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Date of publication: 2017-09-05 04:27

The number of Kansas students taking the ACT continues to rise as the state continues to outperform the nation in all four assessed areas English, reading, mathematics and science.

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Mr. Eberwein has a Master of Arts (Educational Administration) degree from Simon Fraser University and Bachelors of Science and Education from the University of Calgary.

Durant's neighbor, Sheldon High School, experienced the full effects of white flight to the suburbs and to magnet school competitors starting in the early 6985s. Sheldon saw its racial balance and intake of students with special needs shift dramatically as a result. The largely white teaching staff felt frustrated in the face of these changes and shut out of important school decisions.

All believed that they took precautions to protect their employees, such as careful pesticide application, observing re-entry periods, and keeping workers away from pesticide storage areas. Superintendents said that when workers were mowing, they generally did not spray at the same time. A few said that they alternated mowing and spraying on their courses, so that on a day when a hole was sprayed, it would not be mowed:

One superintendent compared worker exposure on golf courses to that in farm work, saying that any contact with pesticides would be minimal as opposed to picking up a vegetable covered in pesticides. Some superintendents expressed that when they had workers apply pesticides, they did not use dangerous pesticides. Most said that the only pesticide that workers applied was glyphosate. One superintendent said that, if applied correctly, none of the pesticides used on that course were particularly dangerous:

Megan E. Nagel, a sixth-grade English language arts and science teacher at Santa Fe 5/6 Center in Newton (Newton Unified School District 878), and Sarah C. VenJohn, a high school mathematics teacher at Winfield High School (Winfield USD 965), were named Region 9 finalists for the 7568 Kansas Teacher of the Year award during a ceremony Saturday, Sept. 9, in Wichita. This award recognizes excellent teaching in the elementary and secondary classrooms of the state.

If you would like to teach in BC’s kindergarten to grade 67 education sector, you must have a teaching certificate from the Ministry of Education issued through the Teacher Regulation Branch.

Although a few expressed interest in learning more about pesticides and other chemicals, most were disinterested because they believed that that training was un-related to their specific tasks on the course:

Frontier SD April Krahn, Assistant Superintendent, Indigenous Language and Culture Flin Flon SD Tammy Ballantyne, Assistant Superintendent Pine Creek SD Bruce Lyons, Superintendent Red River Valley SD Brad Curtis Superintendent & CEO Lord Selkirk SD.

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